How do I register my child for a gymnastics or ninja class?

Registration is all online!  Check out our Live Classes to see what options we currently have available. 


If you know what class you want you can Register NOW or click on the "Register" button at the top or bottom of the website.  

How do I pay for CGC and/or Ninja classes?

As of August 2021, we are requiring families to have a debit/credit card on file and will automatically charge tuition on the first of every month. 


We also will accept cash and check payments before the 1st of the month.

What should my child wear for class?


Gymnasts are required to wear a well-fitting one-piece leotard (or biketard) that covers their entire torso and will not fall over their head when they are upside down.  Tight spandex shorts/leggings are allowed, but loose fitting shorts should be avoided as thy can get wrapped up around the equipment and cause injuries. 


Foot coverings are not allowed.

Ninjas are required to wear shorts and shirts that are well-fitting and allow full range of motion.  Bare feet are preferred but grip socks, which are available for purchase, may be worn.  Socks without grip bottoms and shoes of any kind are not permitted. 


Absolutely nothing with buttons, snaps, or zippers will be allowed as they can damage our equipment and are uncomfortable to move in.


Hair that is shoulder length, or longer, needs to be secured away from their face.  It is recommend that hair long enough to reach the shoulders while in a ponytail be pulled into a bun or looped up in order to prevent it from getting caught under hands, feet, or in the equipment. 

Where can I find appropriate attire?


We sell Ninja Zone T-shirts & grip socks, along with a variety of leotards and spandex shorts if you can't find what you need at a department store.

What are your term dates?


Classes are year round! Sign up anytime!

Why choose a USA Gymnastics Member Club over a club that is not ?

To be a USA Gymnastics Member Club, the club must have liability insurance, a positive mission statement, follow the code of ethics and agree to follow the USA Gymnastics Participant Welfare Policy.

Are your teachers qualified?

All of our coaches are certified through USA Gymnastics and must pass a detailed background check.


Can parents watch?


We have a designated seating area for parents and non-participating children to sit and watch their young aspiring gymnasts/ninjas or siblings.

We also have the capability to live stream our classes to your phone or computer through SpotTV.


What is your ratio of children to coaches?


We average a gymnast/ninja to coach ratio of 8:1.

What are some of the benefits of enrolling my child in a gymnastics/ninja class?
  • Develops coordination

  • Develops flexibility

  • Develops strength and power

  • Improves listening skills and following directions

  • Improves self-esteem and confidence

  • Provides social interaction with peers

  • Teaches goal setting

  • Develops cognitive abilities to help in the classroom

  • Develops skills to enhance other sports

  • It’s fun and a great exercise!