All of our Coaches are USAG certified; that includes industry best practices and safety certifications. They undergo a detailed backgorund check that must be passed in order to receive their certification. 


CGC founder, Coach, Ninja Grand-master, Administrator


I started gymnastics when I was three. I began watching others and teaching myself how to tumble. I was coaching baby classes and pre-team classes at the age of thirteen.


I became a professional coach in 2004 and began coaching Level Three gymnastics. In January 2015 we have included Level Four instruction in the CGC curriculum. 


My heart and passion is gymnastics. The Casper community needs a gymnastics facility that offers a clean and safe environment for their children.


I have always dreamed of opening my own facility. I am determined to run a successful gym in our community.


Coach and Team Photographer


I joined the team in July of 2014.  I participated in gymnastics for about 7 years between the ages of 5 and 12.


 I have coached gymnastics previously in Kemmerer.  I have a degree in fine arts of photography and cosmetology.  Coaching is such a rewarding job.  I


love all the girls and coaching them toward their personal goals. My favorite is when they accomplish a trick or skill they have been working on. Their excitement and reactions are the best!


I enjoy hanging out with family, going camping, gardening and of course photography!




I started coaching on July 2014.  Before coaching I participated in gymnastics for 12 years.  


Coaching allows me to be able to have fun with our gymnasts and watch them grow in the sport and life.  


When I'm not coaching I enjoy spending time with friends and family and I'm working toward my degree in Occupational Therapy. 



I joined the CGC team in 2016. I started gymnastics when I was 5 and stayed in the sport for about 9 years.  


I love seeing my gymnasts get a skill they've been working so hard to achieve. I enjoy using my spare time being with my family and interested in pretty much every sport out there.